I have been working closely with A3 Communications for many years because of its expertise and focus on the storage industry. Whether it’s a small start up or a larger company this is an agency that knows how to present a client in an interesting, relevant way to the analyst community. 

Simon Robinson

Managing the flow of communications between vendors and the influencer community is no easy task, but is one that the A3 Communications team excels at. Their success is underpinned by a focus on the details, such as understanding a customer’s business and market position. Likewise, A3 understands what makes influencers tick and what news they do and don’t what to hear. I’ve enjoyed working with the A3 team over the past 5/6 years as an influencer/analyst and would recommend them to any vendor looking to increase their visibility in the storage market. 

Chris Evans

Fred, I call her Fred, sends me relevant press release and potential features. They are rarely wasted because she understands how how I work. With A3 Communications there is less distance between me and their clients. They understand the storage industry but let their clients do the talking. They also respond fast to interview and comment requests. If I was a supplier I would hire A3 Communications for my PR. 

Chris Mellor

A3 takes being a skilled communicator to the next level by forming an almost organic relationship with clients, business partners, and the media. A3 thoroughly understands clients, their industry, and how to help them get ahead. Clear Thinking is proud to say that A3 will be a firm that lasts because the people behind it have the vision to adapt their experience to the ever-changing requirements of today’s competitive, globally connected markets. 

Gabriel Ben-Yosef

A3 Communications consistently provides me with relevant and up-to-date information as they understand my needs as a journalist. A3 also has a superb understanding of its clients and the industry overall. 

David Ludlow

Fred is possibly the most helpful PR person I’ve ever worked with. She knows what I want to get from a story and she works hard to help me get that through interviews with the right people. She also clearly has her clients’ interests firmly in mind and does an extremely professional job balancing the needs of the communities she works with. 

Antony Adshead
Computer Weekly


PR is something of a tightrope act – keeping the client happy by providing frequent contact with the press, at the same time as not wanting to pester journalists with an endless stream of fairly mundane announcements and briefings. The A3 Communications team carries out this balancing act admirably – I know that if they contact me with a story or an interview it’s going to be well worth the time and trouble. It’s no surprise that A3 Communications has such an excellent storage networking client list, and is such a valuable source of editorial content. 


I have known Fred for several years. She has always been very helpful and responsive, providing me with the information I require and putting me in front of interesting clients. 

Tony Lock
Freeform Dynamics

The reliability and industry knowledge Fred shows on a daily basis is a solid foundation for A3 Communications. 

Bryan Betts
Freeform Dynamics

Within the EMEA storage marketplace, A3 Communications is an extremely professional, well connected and respected analyst relations agency. My experience of dealing with them has always been good. 

Valdis Filks

Federica and her team are one of the best PR agencies in the tech industry; it’s always a pleasure to work with them. They understand the culture behind the data storage industry very well and are a priceless resource that helps me grab the best from their clients. 

Enrico Signoretti

The team at A3 Communications are wonderful and pleasant to work with. They share only the relevant pieces of news about their clients and offer plenty of opportunities to meet and speak to the vendors as well as their customers. They have a good portfolio of vendors and share news about all of them on a regular basis. What makes the team special is their understanding of the subject matter, storage IT industry and the exact needs of the journalists. Their event management/organizational skills are great too. But most of all – the team is professional, helpful and tries to meet journalists’ deadlines and requests. 

Archana Venkatraman

The A3 team are a pleasure to work with. Their storage and virtualisation expertise is a lot to shout about, but it’s the efforts they make to really get to know your brand and audience that stand them out from the PR crowd. 

Ben Rossi
Information Age

I have been working with the A3 Communications team for many years, I know them well and they are so proactive that I usually have at least one of their clients’ solutions on my bench or in my diary. This team understands how I work, what products are relevant to my readers and the value of an independent test. When someone at A3 Communications offers me a product to review I know it’s worth having a look. 

Dave Mitchell
IT Pro

I have been working with A3 Communications for a long time. The team is very proactive and provides us with very useful information thanks to its deep understanding of our requirements. We greatly appreciate the team’s skills and their knowledge of the market. 

Paul Dubois

Fast, efficient, cheerful! What could be better as a description of Fred and her team at A3 (yes everybody in the storage industry calls her Fred!)? Close to journalists, analysts and vendors in this highly specialised market, Fred is the PR person with the highest number of contacts that you can imagine, and the quickest to obtain the right information at the right time. The rest of the A3 team is just as good. They are one of my most important sources in my job. 

Bertrand Gare

With a good dose of enthusiasm Fred has always ensured her clients’ positioning and messages were clearly understood by market influencers. 

Hamish Macarthur
Macarthur Stroud

We consider A3 Communications a premier AR and PR partner for the IT industry. Vendors and influencers look for experience, expertise, responsiveness and most of all, trust. A3 Communications exceeds our expectations in all these aspects. At Neuralytix, we rely on A3 Communications to ensure that we are serving the vendors and the IT industry in a responsible and reliable manner. 

Ben Woo

I have worked with A3’s founder Federica Monsone for several years, during which she has represented a variety of clients about whom I have had been writing. I have always found her to be well-informed and resourceful, with a good understanding of how particular publications work, as well as how individual journalists operate. Viewed from the journalist’s side, she is well-connected, helpful and, which is most important for the daily journalist, quick to respond. While I cannot speak from the clients’ perspective, my impression is that she defends their interests, exposing them to journalists who can write meaningfully about them, while steering them delicately away from indiscretions they might otherwise live to regret.

Rik Turner

I’ve worked with Federica for many years, through a variety of PR companies, and she’s always been the best. Great at setting up meetings with the right people and obtaining the products for review when needed, and extremely efficient at getting any information required. In fact, she’s even helped me understand technologies I’d not previously had much experience with – which is a real reversal of roles. She’s bound to make her own agency a success. 

James Morris
PC Pro


With a broad portfolio of storage clients, A3 could fall into into the trap of mixing messages between its client base. That it manages to ensure clear and crisp messaging for each client demonstrates a clarity of purpose not always seen elsewhere. 

Clive Longbottom


It is always a pleasure to work with A3 Communications. The copy they deliver is detailed and well written and they respond rapidly to inquiries. What more can one ask for? 

Engelbert Hörmannsdorfer


It is vital for my daily work with PR and analyst agencies that they approach things pro-actively and put it in a broader context rather than just drop an email-invitation or invite for a phone briefing. And that is exactly what A3 Communications delivers. A very good company with real business value to work with. 

Norbert Deuschle
Storage Consortium


As a highly specialised editor in the data storage space I work with many PR agencies and I can say that it’s always a pleasure to work with Federica and A3 Communications. 

Rainer Graefen
Storage Insider


Fred is the most efficient storage PR person in the world. Maybe sometimes too much for me! 

Jean-Jacques Maleval

Somehow countering the trend of disintermediation Federica Monsone has earned a slot in my inbox – even when I already have highly placed direct contacts with the companies she represents. It’s like having 7 bullets in your PR 6 shooter. 

Zsolt Kerekes
Storage Search


I have been working with A3 Communications for many years. The expertise and quality of press material always show a high level of quality and extra requests for pictures, interviews or quotes are dealt with quickly and professionally. The team has always been a source of reliable information and working with them is and always has been a pleasure. I value their professional work and regard their efforts highly. 


Ulrike Riess
TechTarget Germany


A3 Communications is one of the most effective agencies in the European marketplace. They combine a solid understanding of the technologies of the vendors they represent with an energy and enthusiasm for getting press inquiries the short fuse response they often need. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. 

Jon Toigo
Data Management Institute

As editor in chief of WDM Solutions, I found that Federica was a very responsive and sophisticated communications professional. She could be easily reached, no matter the time difference between the US and the UK, and never failed to supply technically interesting and well-written articles and interviews on very short notice. All of our editors at PennWell hold Federica in high regard and have found it a pleasure to work with her. 

Conard Holton
WDM Solutions

I have worked with A3 Communications since its inception, and its founder Fred Monsone for some years prior to that. Throughout, Fred has been exceedingly thorough, professional, diligent and proactive, and those qualities have transferred completely to A3 Communications. The upshot is good communications, a knowledge of what journalists need, deep understanding of the storage industry and, from what I can see, happy clients. I have no hesitation in recommending the company to potential clients. 

Manek Dubash

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